Lifestyle medicine consultation prices:

When it comes to pricing, we aim to keep the cost of treatment as affordable as possible for you, but there are some up front costs you should be aware of prior to treatment.

• Initial consultation (1 hour) - £200

You will be given a questionnaire to complete at home before your appointment. The consultation lasts for one hour. Dr Hodgkinson will take a detailed history including personal, family and medical history. She will explore your diet, exercise and sleep habits, your sources of stress and how you cope with it. She will assess your health concerns and evaluate your symptoms. She may suggest some necessary tests such as blood tests to help to get a full picture of your health. Changing your lifestyle habits will be the main way of treating and managing your chronic disease. Our goal is to work with you and to give you a lifestyle plan which is tailored to you, which you can implement and sustain, giving you the tools to make changes in your life to improve your health.

• Follow up consultations (30 minutes) - £100

Dr Hodgkinson will then usually advise a follow up appointment lasting for 30 minutes a few weeks after implementation of lifestyle changes. If you have had blood tests then you will be advised to book a 20 minute review appointment (£85) to discuss the results of the tests and any further advice based on the results.

Dr Hodgkinson will then usually advise a further follow up appointment a few weeks after implantation of lifestyle changes.

Further appointments if required will be discussed with you. If you would like to come and speak to Dr Hodgkinson at another time that is not prearranged, then you are welcome to book an appointment using the online system.

• The cost of the blood tests are :

- Red blood cells, white blood cells, clotting status, inflammation markers, kidney function, liver function, proteins, gout risk, proteins, diabetes, iron status, cholesterol status, magnesium, thyroid function, vitamin D, vitamin b12, folic acid - £159


- Follicle stimulating hormone, oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, vitamin D - £98

- Thyroid function tests - £47.20


- Follicle stimulating hormone, oestrogen, testosterone, DHEA, vitamin D, full blood count, prostate specific antigen - £135

- Thyroid function tests - £47.20

Monitoring hormonal tests will be done if you are taking bio- identical HRT. They may not always be as extensive as the initial tests. You may be recommended to have further tests to gain a full picture of your health. The costs of these will be covered in the consultation. Monitoring hormonal tests are usually performed around 3 months after initiation of the medication and following any dose changes, then annually after that.

Dr Hodgkinson may suggest some screening tests following your lifestyle consultation. This can include blood tests, and an analysis of your gut health through stool sampling.

If you have had any blood tests through your GP in the past 12 months please bring copies of them to your appointment.

You will be advised of the costs of the tests during the consultation.



Payment is taken for all consultations at the time of booking. This is to secure your consultation.

Any blood tests required will be paid for during the consultation using a payment machine.

Unfortunately any cancellations within 24 hours before any appointment will not receive a refund.