Hormonal consultation prices

When it comes to pricing, we aim to keep the cost of treatment as affordable as possible for you, but there are some up front costs you should be aware of prior to treatment.

• Initial consultation (1 hour) - £200

You will be given a questionnaire to complete prior to attending your appointment. During the consultation Dr Hodgkinson will take a history of your presenting symptoms, current and past medical problems, medication, family history, and detailed discussion of lifestyle including diet, sleep, exercise, and other stressors. An explanation of hormones and the effect on the body will be given, including how stress of any kind can affect our hormone levels. Dr Hodgkinson will discuss different types of hormonal replacement therapy including bio and body-identical hormone replacement therapy, and non-identical hormone replacement therapy. She will advise on which blood tests should be taken to help support any diagnosis and treatment option. If you have had any blood tests in the last 12 months please bring the results with you to the consultation. There is no obligation to commit to any treatment long term. 

• Follow up consultation (30 minutes) - £100

During this consultation this will be an opportunity to review and discuss your test results and any hormonal imbalances found, advice on your lifestyle and diet, and suggested supplements to help support your hormones.  Dr Hodgkinson will work together with you, and discuss treatment options of hormone replacement therapy taking into account your history and advising which would be suitable for you to help to restore your hormone health. 

• Review appointments (30 minutes) - £85

The first review after starting treatment is usually 6-8 weeks later. Further follow up appointments will usually be scheduled 3-6 months later, and then every 6 to 9 months. During the review you will have a chance to discuss with Dr Hodgkinson how you are progressing with your treatment plan and medication. You will be advised of any changes to medication required.

• Blood tests are used to help to diagnose and monitor any hormonal imbalances, and to get a full picture of your health.

Blood tests are not taken at Hampshire Health and Hormones. These can either be done in the comfort of your own home by a qualified nurse or at a choice of locations. 

The costs of the initial blood tests are :

Female - Follicle Stimulating hormone, oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, vitamin D, thyroid stimulating hormone, T4, T3, thyroid autoantibodies - £150

Thyroid function tests - £47.20

Male - Follicle stimulating hormone, oestrogen, progesterone testosterone, DHEA, vitamin D, full blood count, prostate specific antigen - £135

Thyroid function tests - £47.20

Monitoring blood tests are required if you are taking bio-identical hormones and may not be as extensive as the initial tests. If required, the costs will be discussed with you.

• An ultrasound scan of the endometrium (uterus) is advised if oestrogen replacement is suggested. This is from ultrasound direct and costs £90.

• The cost of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is usually between £1-£3 per day  - just think of it as the same as a cup of coffee! The medication is supplied by the Specialist Pharmacy . Bio-Identical hormone replacement therapy is not available on general prescription. 

Following a discussion with Dr Hodgkinson you may prefer to be prescribed body identical or non-identical hormone therapy which is also available from your GP. Only private prescriptions can be given at Hampshire Health and Hormones for all types of hormonal therapy. 



Payment is taken for all consultations at the time of booking. This is to secure your consultation.

Any blood tests required will be paid for during the consultation using a payment machine.

Unfortunately any cancellations within 24 hours before any appointment will not receive a refund.